The KAJO Group is leader manufacturer in the production of special lubricants, greases and colour pastes. 

The KAJO-Chemie Group has been established in 1976 and entered in the chemical sector with a strong vocation to innovation.

To satisfy the need of lubricating greases and colour pastes, in 1982 the Group established KAJO-Schmierstoff-Technik GmbH and than in 1986 PEKA-Chemie GmbH and became a reliable company for industries that need tchnologically advanced and highly performant products, also in big quantity. The delivery organization of the Group is efficent, flexible and able to personalize the production (with private labelling).

In  autumn 2006 the Group established KAJO-Tec GmbH: technology, innovation and environment are the main features of the growing strategy of the company.

Environment is the aspect on which KAJO has been focusing from the end of 80's and has led to the creation of a specific range of superior quality and sustainability,as many environmental labels certify (EUEcolabel and Blue Angel). KAJO, therefore, was the first company to apply for  EUEcolabel for a whole programme of well enginered biological products.

A quality standard was confirmed to KAJO according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

KAJO products range is very wide:
  •  BIO lubricants
  •  PEKA-colour pastes
  •  Lubricating greases
  •  Industrial cleaning agents/corrosion protection 
  •  Industrial lubricants
  •  Metal processing
  • Classic car oils
  • Release agents

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Kajo is distribuited in Italy by E.C.O. Italia® S.r.l.